Parrot os installation problem

i booted parrot with etcher “Parrot-security-4.4_i386.iso” to my usb on fat32 and i started usb with bios then install-standart install after this empty screen(i can write anything).

pc: dell xps m1330 intel t6400 i2 2.0 - 4gb ram - nvidia geforce 8400mgs - 300gb hdd empty(2 part on ext4 and swap place)
multiboot : no
version: parrot sec os 4.4 i386 ( i downloaded from with torrent)

error video :

dont working in live mode : (waiting on this screen)

Edit: i downloaded again with stabile connection(i thought maybe ISO crashed) and i booted on terminal in linux kali but didnt work, same problem continues .s

the video really helps thanks. the most probable would be your graphical card being old and so having problems displaying (because you can’t use live mode)

maybe this might help you
one thing is sure, you have hardware issue

Ty, i thought problem on graphic card to and i started Failsafe disable nvidia and gpu(idk what is this) in parrot install screen. But this operation keep going since 25 min -_-

try again running the parrot live iso, but launch it in “text mode only”, tell me if you manage to get to the console and login that way

i entered with alt+f2 in same empty screen.
idk i entered to right place .s

Edit: where is text mode only ?

Edit2: in this screen?

yes mybad… it’s not “text mode” but “terminal mode” just under “live mode” on your second screen

i guessed :smiley: but same problem like live mode and can’t work alt+f2 or something

then i’m not sure but you might need to get a more recent computer to get it working… not something crazy strong though, but get something with a processor intel that is at least i3 and at least of third generation (eg : ix 3xxx). that way you will get a decent integrated graphic card and things like TPM, VT… ram is not an issue on parrot, you can use it well with 2gb and with 4gb+ you are pasha

i cant get now, i will continue to use kali, maybe someone can solve problem…

did you update and change your BIOS version/settings?

you said on your first post that kali had the same problem, or i misunderstood ? because if kali works but not parrot then it’s completely different

Just i said “i booted on terminal in linux kali but didnt work, same problem continues .s” just i wanted to say how i booted to USB. Linux kali working now but slowly.

i did when i using Windows. i didn’t change anything, default…

You probably need to change your bios settings after you check for an update to allow boot from usb/disable secure startup/boot

i checked the BIOS, it’s current version. if doesn’t allow how can starting parrot menu ? didnt I understand ?

you cant change any of your BIOS settings at all? can you screenshot what you see?

i can change

Ok make the changes you need to make to allow for another OS to boot, follow the docs on the page under boot/install info. You want UEFI

Edit: why are you using the i386 instead of amd64 ISO?

if i can get this screen
Why I need to allow to boot, i didn’t understand.
i will try i386, amd64 didn’t work good in Kali.
i don’t want uefi

depending on your bios company they can have some settings that prevent unsigned and configured ISOs and efi images. is there a reason you want i386 vs amd64?