Parrot OS Installation- SSD not listed in the partition menu


I was trying to install Parrot OS on my laptop which already has Windows installed on it. When I reached the partition option in the installation, my SSD wasn’t listed (SSD has windows installed on it). How do I get along with installing Parrot OS as my primary os? I don’t want to dual boot.

Thank you.

Well that maybe because of some reasons

  1. your windows might be in hibernation mode (windows feature to load up fast) make sure you turn of the hibernation and shutdown the system (not restart). To turn of the hibernation, open cmd or powershell as administrator and type powercfg /hibernation off. See if this works.
  2. Another case with SSD not being detected might be because of your SSD being in RAID mode (not in AHCI mode).
    You might want to read this article for changing that. Making that switch comes with some problems though, as Windows will no longer boot. So you might want to try this solution:
    Boot to Windows with your current SATA controller configuration
    Open Device Manager
    Expand Storage Controllers and identify the Intel SATA RAID Controller
    View properties of the identified controller
    On the Driver tab, click the Update driver… button
    Browse my computer…, Let me pick…
    Uncheck Show compatible hardware
    Select Microsoft as manufacturer
    Select Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller as model
    Accept that Windows cannot confirm that this driver is compatible
    Save changes, reboot to BIOS and change RAID SATA Controller to AHCI
    Save changes and reboot normally, hopefully to Windows
  1. Another solution:
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