Parrot OS is quite slow for me

My Parrot OS installation has been running quite slow for a time now. I have no idea why or what happened but i always notice lags. It used to working absolutely normal when i installed it. The installation is a dual boot with windows 10 and i believe this has nothing to do with it. If using Parrot for long time say like 4-5 hours the Lag is even more notice-able like it will take around a minute just to delete a small python code file.

There is not much that i can say about the problem. I have no idea whats wrong is what’s happening so please help me in figuring out what is wrong happening here.

  • Parrot version in use : 5.0 LTS

  • Kernel version : 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64

Same thing with my parrot installation on my laptop. After some time I started noticing huge lag.

Since my laptop is old I thought that it should be my hardware’s fault. I had the mate version.

Now i have a kde version installed on my desktop and everything runs smooth.

I am just posting because I saw this topic here.

Fun fact is that when i was using my laptop, I reinstalled 3 times my parrot os. All times, after 3-5 months I was noticing the same lag.

Never understood what happened. :confused:

Hey I hope you are doing well!

Linux itself specifically parrot os is a very very smooth os It takes minimum resources and works well even on low end PC(s). Hence, there is a very low chance there might be any problem with the Operating system itself, instead I believe there is some package or application that might be making your computer not run at its full potential.

:star: steps to do :

:one: sudo apt install htop
htop is a linux resource manager.

:two: sudo htop
this way you will see every single running service program etc.

:three: kill the process using F9 key.
you will end the program.

:one: Be sure to search online about the program you are ending.

:two: if you have a third party app running like a vulnerability assessment program such as, nexpose etc you should remove its directory if not in use.

:three: if you have a mis-configured service like your package manager it will be using 80-90% of your cpu hence end it and start it again.

I hope it helps!

Regards regnum!

It depends on the hardware specifications and also what all processes are you running and it’s consumption of your hardware resources

As regnum recently said about checking the processes with htop, u can do that
and make sure not to add any external repository,

It might also be because the manufacturer has designed the laptop according windows and optimization in here or any linux distrubution might get to see a small amount of difference.

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