Parrot OS not booting after Installation

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What version of Parrot are you running? (Parrot OS 4.1 64bit)

What method did you use to install Parrot? ( Debian GTK )

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes Windows 7 32bit)

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I am getting this error again . And I don’t know how to fix it permenantly . Seems like a bug in Grub.
This happens when I Boot windows 7 (dual boot) . After windows 7 start I again restart and choose parrot os from menu but it didn’t boot . So what i did is I make bootable USB of Linux mint , started gparted and run check on ext4 partition where Parrot OS installed. I restarted and when I selected parrot from menu it booted and started without any issue… but again after restart I selected win7 from menu , no problem their, windows start fine . But after when I restarted and selected parrot from menu same problem… so how to fix this permanently …
See these Screenshots (Getting initramfs Error on boot).

Your problem is your superblock isnt valid for your filesystem. (As you can see from your last screenshot)

You dont have ext2fsd installed on windows by any chance do you?
If so get rid of that sucka, that may well solve your problem.

In the mean time when you reach the Initramfs screen type
fsck /dev/sda8 -y
then type.
That solve it until you boot windows again.

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Thanks . Uninstalling ext2fsd did the job.
And one more thing , reboot command not working in initramfs. I think maybe it’s not reboot. I did force reboot … :thinking:
Anyhow problem solved. Thanks.

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