Parrot OS Password improvement ( protection with dongle)


iam not a profi.

I want to improve the password/passphrase protection of Parrot OS.

I´ll do the following but i dont know where to start. Please can anyone help me.

This is my idea:

  1. I want use an Arduino development boart ATMega32U4(or something else similar) as location where the password/passphrase is storaged.

  2. My Computer using Parrot OS should ONLY be unlocked if the Arduino is plugged in

  3. The Arduino sends the password/passphrase as keyboard to the Parrot OS Computer every X min. (lets say delay 3min.) if that fails e.g. Arduino is plugged out the Computer should be locked

  4. As long as the Computer is locked only Arduino should be able to send the password/passphrase to the locked computer, that means that usually keyboards should be deactivated if the Computer is locked.

I absolutely doesnt know where to start? Wich part of Parrot OS ive to change?

I already have a Computer running Parrot Os fine and i am able to code the Arduino to send keystrokes to Parrot OS.

I would be good to know wich interface of Parrot OS ive to activate that only the keystrokes from Arduino will be accepted as Password, that should be possible?

In wich way i deactivate any non Arduino Keyboard as long as the Computer locked?


In this way any Parrot OS Computer could be locked with hardware protection. If the Arduino plugged out and pushing Arduino reset key, password would be gone. Dangerous but usefull.

I dont need a complete solution, just some hints/tricks or what kind of texts ive to read to be able to programm this directly into the Parrot OS Kernel (its a Parrot OS Password thing).

Very much thanks in advance for your help

[it doesnt need to be an Arduino , but i like it cause it has a reset key]

Iam using the newest Parrot OS, my Hardware doesnt matter.

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