Parrot OS Security Very Slow on Virtual Box

I downloaded the Parrot OS for Security. I was able to successfully install the VM into virtaulbox. However, the VM is terribly slow. My dirb scans take a long time. When browsing the internet it take any where from 15-20 seconds for a web page to come out. Is there a way I can speed up my performance? Please advise.

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Helpful info would include the specs of your system.

Any operation done is a virtual machine is slower than if run on real metal hardware because virtualization incurs a certain additional amount of overhead. Of course your bandwidth and how you set the virtual network adapter can influence network operation speed.
Of course this all presupposes there are sufficient hardware resources so basically it comes down to you’ve either got the software in a less than optimal configuration or your machine just isn’t good for VM’s.

Well one suggestion would be to install Parrot as your host and then run Whonix on Virtualbox. I use this combo, its fast, compatible and you get all the anonymity and security you are looking for.

which host OS are you running ?

  • enable paravirtualization interface to KVM
  • enable nested paging
  • enable PAE/NX
  • enable 3d accelaration & give 128mb video memory
    (enabling the first two option makes a little bit security concern but parrot being great distro you can make it secure by using firewall and other securith features like firejail & apparmor which are pre installed)

if you still need faster & more reliable solution ditch Virtualbox and switch to qemu & libvirt which is a little bit advance than VBox but it’s far more better in perfomance and hardware virtualization.

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