Parrot OS single boot install

โ€“ Need help with single boot install of Parrot OS โ€“

  • ** Parrost Security version 5.0.1** **:

I get into BIOS

I select my usb drive where I have my Parrost OS flashed and then I get Parrot OS boot menu where I select try/install and this is what I get pls someone help :smiley:

Hi @Andrej_Hurban

What program did you use to flash the Parrot ISO to your USB? Do you use UEFI or MBR in your BIOS? If UEFI, do you have Secure Boot enabled?

Thanks for the reply
I used Rufus to flash Parrot to my usb and Im not sure but I thing I use UEFI in my bios because I saw this word somewhere written in the bios and I will have to check about the secure boot, but its most probably not enabled

Are you trying to install to HDD or VM?
Are you trying to dual boot with windows? [have you disabled windows quick start in the BIOS?]
Did you check the SHA sum after burning the installation medium?
Are you using a good quality pen-drive some cheaper ones are fine for storage, not so go for ISOโ€™s

You should image the USB using a different tool in Windows. Rufus has problems with Parrotโ€™s hybrid ISO format. I havenโ€™t tested in Windows, but using the DD option (instead of ISO) in Rufus โ€œmayโ€ work. Balena Etcher or ROSA ImageWriter are the recommended imaging tools for Parrot.

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Is there a chance that my usb isnt of a good quality enough? Because I tried Balena Etcher already and the flash failed on 2 different usbs. Im using normal USBs one is for like 20 euro 32gb storage and second was like 16gb for 10 euro.
But im going to try DD image option or RosaImageWriter

As a personal preference, I always use Balena Etcher, so far [apart from the expected driver issues with Linux] I have not had a failure, I currently have 8 drives containing around 20 different distributions for testing, all have been installed using a branded USB of 8-16 GB [32 is ok, any bigger is a waste] the one I use most has PNY chipset, and the others are Kingstone chipsets, I do have several cheap ones that are fine for bulk & temporary storage,
If you are using an old USB, then before you start for best results, I have found it preferable to wipe the the drive of all current information and re-format to Fat or XFat.

Im trying HDD single boot install
I watched a video and read an article on linuxhint that when Im installing parrot I basically select option that will erase everything on my HDD so windows too and I will have only Parrot from then on so I dont need to disable windows quick start if i dont have a windows or am i wrong?
I did not check SHA sum after burning the medium.
And yeah I would say my pen drives are kinda cheaper ones(one is like 20 euro 32gb storage and second one I tried was 16gb for 10euro) so actually it will maybe never work if I dont buy better ones.

ok guys I used DD image and it worked
I selected try/install and there was no error but like instead of normal install how I saw in videos it instantly got me into parrot and now I think I need to do the install with this Install Parrot no?
But I have to ask that now I should select erase disk no swap if I want to delete windows and have only Parrot OS from now on correct?

And what about this boot loader location If I want to have only Parrot OS and I dont want to have it installed so that I would need to have my usb always in computer.

If you want to make your machine Parrot only and completely free of windows, then choose use complete disk, if you have less than 16gh of ram then having a swap partition would not hurt [you may never use it but at some point it may be useful], yes I would install the boot loader.
And finally once you have set up your Parrot installation, got everything working and all the applications you need, installed Install and run a back up application there are several available in the repositories [my preference is Timeshift]

Thanks a lot man
It worked with DD image :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot man
I know about Timeshift thing from when I tried Parrot on Virtual machine and so basically if I break something in my computer I just go to the timeshift and shift time back before I broke it yeah? :smiley:

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I would still disable windows quick start, just to avoid any possible conflicts