Parrot os suddenly stuck

parrot os suddenly stuck, freeze screen, pointer don’t move, all in desktop/screen got stuck/freeze

i run in parrot os 4.6 64-bit
intel i3, ram 6gb and nvidia 920m

please help me :smile:

Hi, you have to configure your nvidia gpu, What is the exact model of your cpu ? Does it have intel graphics ? if so follow this tuto to install the drivers:

I got error :

“[ 1321.556858] [ERROR]You’ve no permission to communicate with the Bumblebee daemon. Try adding yourself to the ‘bumblebee’ group
[ 1321.556888] [ERROR]Could not connect to bumblebee daemon - is it running?”

how i solve that?

BTW Need more info, How ? What did you done?
After what? etc.etc.

If have Bumblebee error then try to run

  sudo apt update && sudo apt install bumblebee-nvidi* primus libg*1-nvidia-g*x
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After install Bumblebee, and i try to run “optirun glxgear” and got message error like that

Try with sudo

But first follow thay command which i mentioned in upper post

Oke, I’ll try it.
Thank you for your help :smile:

I think you have to reboot but first run:

sudo adduser yourusername bumblebee

then reboot, if it doesnt boot, you will have to purge bumblebee using apt and booting with acpi=off in grub

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