Parrot OS sudo apt-get update not working

Hi first time user here, I can’t seem to update my parrot os for some reason. Every time I type sudo apt-get update it will stay in 0% [Working] and then 0% [Connecting to] before some errors will appear. Please help.

Also I noticed I can’t connect to any parrot sites without a vpn, not sure if thats related

Running Parrot Security VM on Virtualbox 6.1.10

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Do sudo apt update … to update your system and sudo parrot-upgrade …to upgrade your sytem

Nevermind I’ve somehow solved the issue using

sudo dnstool static

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you should add cloudfare dns or google dns in /etc/resolv.conf file that will do the work
sudo dnstool static opennic will solve
and remember
apt-get has been long gone
to upgrade your system, always use
sudo parrot-upgrade

this repository is giving me an error when updating and won’t let me install the updates:
the operating system recently reinstalled it because it gave me the same problem I thought it was because I had modified something

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