Parrot OS takes long to display login screen and fully shutdown.

Good afternoon folks.

Im a long experienced guy with Linux. I just bought an Asus Zenbook UX325 OLED just to fiddle around with Parrot OS, since I work in the Cybersecurity field.

I have been playing around with it already since October last year aprox with this device. But suddenly it started behaving strangely, login time takes almost 5 mins to show and another 3 to login, same with shutdown.

I have an ssd device with I5 11th gen so speed or RAM or CPU not issue. I did a system-analyze and times are:

Startup finished in 4.2 seconds (firmware) + 2.640s (loader) +4 .8s (kernel) + 2.12 (userspace) = 13.79 secs reached after 1.sec in userspace.

Times dont look very long so it doesnt look like a service issue. I do see some ACPI errors at boot, sometimes it boots normally…others it just makes me wait 5 mins. I thought that a BIOS update might fix the ACPI issues, but still got them. After BIOS upgrade had to disable secure boot, I also disabled fast boot just to ensure something is not being loaded/detected during boot and might be the culprit, but issue still persists.

What logs can I provide or how can we troubleshoot this?

PARROT OS 5.0 LTS Bullseye
Kernel version 5.14.0-9parrot1-amd64

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