Parrot OS won't boot in any mode

Since Kali, Debian and Parrot all give similar results, I think your search for a kernel cheat code is the correct approach. Look for the ‘failsafe’ menu options or try other cheat codes for hardware compatibility issues.

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Hey there, thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:
Do you mean codes like nomodeset or acpi=off?
I’ll try to find a few more :smiley:

Also, do you think the fact that I’m able to boot Kali version 2018.1 but nothing more recent is of importance?

When parrot boots - you should see an initial grub2 menu with many menu options? Do you not see this?
If not then it is not even booting to grub2! If you do see the menu, then you will see there are some menu entries (from an earlier ISO, I had):
“Failsafe (nomodeset)”
“Failsafe (disable nvdia/amd gpu)”
“Failsafe (strong errors prevention)”
If you look at the \boot\grub\grub.cfg file you will see various cheat codes are used.

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I do get into the select screen, it just fails half way through the boot sequence after selecting an option. I’ve tried every menu option, but nothing has worked yet…

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Are you MBR-booting or UEFI-booting?

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Pretty sure it’s UEFI. The USB has a “UEFI” Label next to it…

I just tried the same KDE Security 4.9.1 under VBOX 5 and 4.9.1 version does not seem to boot from a USB drive using UEFI - any option - but does boot OK using MBR\CSM under VBox. However, on real systems, it does seem to UEFI-boot OK (Asus Z87 Haswell and Lenovo IdeaPad 300). It does seem to suggest there might h/w compatibility problem in latest Debian builds maybe as I don’t get this issue with earlier Parrot ISOs. Might be worth seeing what has changed in recent versions. Maybe go back to a previous version and see where the change occurred?

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Just flashed an earlier version, I’ll try that one shortly. :slight_smile:

Alright, the earliest version of parrot I could find also didn’t work… My luck is very good :disappointed:

are you sure you are using the right architecture and check the file with the signature.
And from my experience etcher works best with parrot.

Okay, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I’ll get back to you once I’m home and checked everything :smiley:

Alright, I checked everything and nothing is wrong. The architecture is correct and so is the signature… it still won’t boot on my PC or Mac.

Did you fix it already? …
if not, try booting the usb with a different program, the rufus did not work for me either.

proof Etcher

No, I’ve given up at this point. I’ve also used etcher before, sadly to no avail.

I had this issue what i did was I reformatted the usb and then installed a fresh iso I`m not sure if it was the iso or the partition on the usb drive

Well, I’ve done that so many times now, I even bought new USB drives. I managed to get it working on a macbook now, but I’ve yet to get it working on my PC.

hey @Caesar i am facing some problems in installation can you help me out

Hello dear user,

Please tell us what is the problem with the installation and let us see what we can do.

a wierd thing i found on some newer laptops/notebooks. some would not allow booting of anything but Windows 10, regardless of other bios settings, unless an administrative or supervisor password is also set in the BIOS… just a thought.

Hey, thanks for your answer.
I’ve gotten it to boot on my macbook now, but my PC still won’t boot it. I’ve just installed Linux Mint now and I’ll just install everything I need onto there :slight_smile: