Parrot persistence doesn't save files

I tried to create persistence (pressed F12, selected Persistence in boot menu) but nothing has worked! What did I do:

  1. I used Rufus program for write iso on my USB.
  2. Loaded in persistence mode, then opened terminal and typed the following:
  3. fdisk /dev/sdb
  4. n
  5. 4 times pressed enter for default values were selected
  6. w
  7. partprobe
  8. mkfs.ext4 -L persistence /dev/sdb3
  9. e2label /dev/sdb3 persistence
  10. mkdir -p /mnt/myusb
  11. mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/myusb
  12. echo “/ union”>/mnt/myusb/persistence.conf

Why after I’ve created a folder it doesn’t save one? Where’s an error? Thanks for responding!!!

Parrot 4.6 Security MATE

I’ve booted from USB, so I think no, I’ve not configured to multiboot with other system.


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