Parrot Repository

(Cyber Pirates) #1

Parrot has batter look & feel than Kali but kali’s repository is more better than parrot. Nowdays pentesters want to use parrot but they didn’t get satisfied. I suggest to improve parrot repo and add more hardware support like GPUs to beat Kali .

Hope Developer team read this !

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #2

hardware support is IDENTICAL to the one of kali

download servers are awesome, and we have many many mirrors around the world with a central mirror redirection system that serves you the repo files from the nearest mirror to your geoip location with more than 50 mirrors around the world and more or less 300Gbps of available aggregated bandwidth.

if you think your download speed is not satisfying, i strongly invite you to manually set up another mirror in your apt configs

(John Sherman) #3

Where to find ARM build? Looking for RPI 3B+ supported image, but no ARM images found for Raspberry … ARMHF/ARM64 ?? Should I consider switching to Kali or building Parrot 4.x from src?

(Matt) #4

You can find arm builds here:

There are several other threads about parrot on a 3B+, it might be worth reading those. Or you could build your own of course.