Parrot Security or Parrot Home?


Please mention about the system requirements and also about the features and programs I will be missing in Parrot home compared to parrot Security.


Check the Featurtes Table


And may I know why wine isn’t supported for parrot home?


You can install it with sudo apt install wine


Latest update shows problem with wine on Parrot Sec?


I dont think so
I am not using wine, but if there any bug, i probably know about it


In the official website page it states that wine in not supported or maybe I misunderstood!


I get some info about this
The description is wrong
It is mean that Wine is not preinsatlled on the Home edition
You have to install it manually.


May I know the difference in boot time of parrot Security and parrot home? (i5 4gb)

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these 3 documentation pages contain a detailed answer to your question

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Yello all,

Using Parrot Sec for a couple of days. Feels really nice. Why as a daily driver? Well, I use pc only for studies etc. But, maye someone with better experience can give some tips around using Parrot Sec as a daily driver? Security? Things to consider? Would really appreciate and learn new things.



If you are interested in pentesting, then start playing with the tools.
Learn how to use, how it is work.
Privacy is also a good topic. Cryptography, how to encrypt your traffic, browser fingerprinting.
FIrejail is sucks at first, but is is a very good feature, learn how to use it.

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Thanks @g0rbe Appreciate your answer. :slight_smile:


You didnt mention your Linux skills, but if you are not familiar with it, i recommend the Edx courses, it is free and very usefull for beginners:
Play around with linux, dont hesitate to configure something.
If you broke the system, try to repaire it, if you failed, reinstall :slight_smile:

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Well, more experienced in ms systems. Switched totally to Linux because had issues lately with ms products… headache. For me, personally, I enjoy to use Linux as a beginner at the moment. Also switched because there’s lot more possibilities with configs, tools, etc. But, onece again, just my own opinion and experience. Thanks, already bought one of Udemy courses about linux and server administration. Nice. I was surfing around the Linux world for a while, but found Parrot as my favorite distro. I like that you I both worlds, sec and desktop experience. Also I like that it is faster with programming. I have some exp with php, css, html and beginning with python and machine learning. So, yeah, linux is a way to go for me. :slight_smile:

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How to Upgrade from home edition to Security edition?

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