Parrot Sitting in Whonix Nest?


Thanks please let us know if that resolves the issue

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(rowie) #44

i like your awesome horny community every day more and more !!!

it gives me hope that we can create all together a space (distro) in which it is normal to be able to speak freely and we value again on our data and private sphere (sorry for my english :slight_smile: )


(Nico Paul) #45

great! , we can overcome this by Whonix GateWay (minimized as GW). either by built-in bridges , customize/manually adding bridges , and they can obtain it from the bridges server which is newly feature implemented in TBB and so as in GW we gonna have it. we use Anonymous Connection Wizard (ACW) to control Tor connection in the GW

Are you guys still planning on making something to help with anonsurf in parrot? It would definitely help some of the users that are unlycky geoip wise with living in countries where they need to use bridges and def cool if it could be something that just starts or something like that maybe

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(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #46

we should also work on a proper firejail implementation for whonix. that would be awesome for them

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(Nico Paul) #47

Like an alternative to noprofile?


i think the only need now for parrot to connect to GW (without hardening configuration in parrotOS) is to witch the DNS/IPs inside parrot and link them to Whonix , there are plenty of videos showing that and its similar to any other distro like kali.

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(Nico Paul) #51

Wouldn’t this jack up the anonsurf hijack?