Parrot Studio

Hi, i’m new in this community, and, i would to ask, about deleting Parrot Studio, because in the official website, on Parrot Archives, it doesn’t have .iso, or torrents to download it, even if is an previous version of Parrot OS. I appreciate, if someone can answer, and, if is deleted definitively, it exists a package searching, like or ? Because i search about it, and i couldn’t found it. Sorry if my english is bad, and i hope to help someone, or to be helpful for you.

we dropped parrot studio as it was just parrot home bloated with a lot of additional software

if you want you can install all the parrot studio tools on top of parrot home or parrot security


And where can i find the packages? Do you have a website to list all the packages you have? Or if you don’t have, what is the name of that/those package/s?

just open synaptic package manager and play with it

Ok. Thanks a lot.