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Hi, I am new to Pentesting, Parrot, and Linux in general. I was overwhelmed when I installed Parrot Security Edition 4.1 on my VM. I was wondering if there was anywhere where I could learn the uses and how to use all/most of the parrot tools.


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Parrot Security 4.1 64 Bit
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Parrot Experimental
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Unfortunately there isn’t a one stop shop to learn about all the tools in parrot.

If you want to learn about the tools, you will have to go to their corresponding githubs or even better docs/wiki, if they have one.

Some tools are far more documented than others, many only serve a single purpose others are much larger in scope. Bigger the program usually means more documentation, bigger community and support but harder to understand and get used to.

I would suggest looking in the Applications > Parrot > Most Used Tools dropdown from the top left of your desktop, then googling those and read up on their function/ purpose. If any of them interest you, read their documentation and go from there.

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and a pack of Mountain Dew. That is my starter pack.

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Thanks so much, I’ll start there.

Don’t learn to use tool. If you want to join pentesting community seriously, learn programing -> source code auditing -> exploit development first. You must learn basic networking and *nix + Windows system too