Parrot Undercover?

Just saw the new release of kali and a new thing called Kali Undercover. Would it be possible to implement it into parrot? Its quite funny to have a feature like this.

It is just a Windows 10 theme with marketing title and Misleading. Tail had the feature from Stone age with windows xp theme. My personal opinion is: We should improve Parrot quality, make it be more professional but not do something for skiddies run around and break everything.
By now we are having plan for layout design to make Parrot be more user friendly and improve our custom tools.


My opinion is the same. I found it quite funny so I just wanted to ask what you guys think about it. Im looking forward to hear great news and im also happy that Parrot is running very stablefor me since a few weeks ^^.

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I am very happy about that. I hear “Parrot Sucks”, “Parrot is for noob”, “Kali is for real hackers” everyday from Indian guys. I was about jump out of windows and your comment hold me back.
You know, keep the project running is not easy at all because we have to maintain systems and deploy new systems to make everything work easier. We have to take care about packages and everything we have to. Design new things is cool but not very easy specially we are lacking of human resource (old story).
By now i am focusing on improve end user security. New firewall front-end for nftables is out and I have to add more features. The syntax in the column should be as simple as pfsense interface. I am doing the GUI for clamAV as well even it isn’t very necessary. The anonsurf has to be improved as well (with GUI for sure). I wanted to be a good pentester and now i am sitting in front of computer as a dev - like a fresher, keep coding and testing and swearing like i am going to put the gun into my mouth and pull the trigger.

And then i come to community and complain to every single user about how hard the project is …

So… i think there is more important things todo than the “undercover” thing. Sorry for long comment with nothing useful in it lol.


I am honored to see the whole thing from the perspective of a developer. The people who say Parrot sucks dont know the difference between the two systems. I mean Parrot is made for daily use which kali is definetly not. I thank you now for the whole work you will do and have done. I have also send a request to join the team and i would do the packaging for the beginning but I can’t do it currently due the lack of time. I thank you for the long comment :grin:


It would be great! Packaging is not hard if the project is in well formatted standard :smiley:

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