Parrot Update crashed

(gtz) #1

after updating parrot my Desktop could not bootup. I tried many things and I end up wiping hard drive and installing windows and then reinstall Linux Mint, this was yesterday.

Today, when I boot up my Linux parrot on my laptop I got the exact same problem, I think I will move to a different distro.

(vladislav) #2

Could you please determine exactly what happens when you boot up? You can’t boot at all, or just in ParrotOS?

(gtz) #3

Today: Laptop went into initramfs prompt

I just fixed it, I changed the kernel to …parrot10-amd64 and it worked !!
I edited grub.cfg and made it permanent.

Yesterday (Desktop): it became a mess, for some reason I think the UEFI partition got damage, I tried to reinstall parrot with bios and UEFI and not luck at all.