Parrot upgrade removing kde (not sure)

{I am not sure where to post this so I’m posting it in off-topic}
I turned on my laptop saw q notification about update then as usual started the update and i saw this
Is parrot upgrade removing kde?? It is right since there is parrot-kde lined up in and mate is set to download. Is ot really doing so? I use kde primarily and don’t want to install mate. could someone tell me why it is doing so??

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a mi me paso lo mismo hay me sorprendí que paso ?

What command did you use to update the system?
Are you sure you used sudo parrot-upgrade

I used sudo apt update and then sudo apt full-upgrade (as usual because i want to first see how much data is to be downloaded as parrot-upgrade is alias of both together with automated download) and then i saw that its removing kde and installing mate

well thats weird
never happened to me
there was a bug from KDE side about can't find konsole
maybe that affected your system.
@dmknght might have some answers

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Damn this is some weird bug lol for the time being im gonna go with that and reinstall kde bye bye to my settings :laughing:

This must be dependencies bug. I would like to see apt log to make sure something is wrong.

please help me to reproduce the bug, everything works on my kde machine

God Iam miserable. After last weeks problems with cant find Konsole I ran sudo parrot-upgrade now i am left with the hateful and completely unfriendly MATE.
If I try a reinstall of KDE will it work?
Not a happy bunny

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Here are the logs

I just did a fresh install of Parrot KDE Home, and the first update tries to remove KDE and switch to MATE. Looking in the forum, I see this happened in 2018 with Parrot 4.4 – Updating Parrot 4.4 KDE deletes KDE . How to reproduce: install Parrot KDE Home, then sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.

Also, as a newcomer to Parrot, I’m curious: Is the MATE version more stable than the KDE version? This will help me decide who I can recommend this distro to.

yes mate seems be more stable. Don’t get me wrong, Mate still has problems but for now KDE has 2 serious bugs with no reason.

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Aah damn this is making me cry lol

So there is no fix to this? What do i do now? Reinstall parrot or something? I don’t want to use mate.

I’m in the same boat, I upgraded without looking at the fact that it was going to switch from KDE to MATE and now my Discord and Slack will randomly lock up for a time if I’m running FF also. I never had this issue and was extremely happy with parrot as I use it as a daily driver.

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I installed mate in hope that it will not remove kde since there is mate de as well in the system but it is still insisting to remove kde. The thing that’s happening is upgrade system is removing kde and installing mate in place replacing kde with mate but not installing mate as a separate de. Don’t know what’s happening :man_shrugging:and why?
Why would kde components be replaced with that of mate? Also @CyberWarrior can you send the screenshot of about system? I want to see what the upgrade system did when i removed kde and installed mate. Did it installed as seperate de or replaced components of kde.

I figured it out, at the login screen you can tell it to login to KDE and it has gone so much better for me. When I did the upgrade it essentially added an additional DE, so it was set to default to MATE but if you look by your username there is a circle there at login and if you click it, then you can choose which DE you want. I was able to select KDE Plasma and my system hasn’t locked up since.

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So it didn’t removed kde? Kde is still there or you re-downloaded kde?

You can always switch to your preferred desktop at the login screen. Sometime nice to try new ones out to change things up once in a while. :slight_smile:

You can always remove the one you don’t like, or keep both.

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