ParrotLinux could be in GNU recommandations distributions?

I would like to use ParrotOS (not ParrotSec) as principal OS but I am afraid about my privacy. I would like to know if ParrotOS which is based on Debian really only uses Free software. If yes : Why do not submit ParrotOS to be in trusted GNU distributions list ?

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Maybe you should get your answer
Here : Debian GNU/Linux

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Thanks for your answer. I read the page. I deduce that Parrot project manager never ask to GNU to studies it because it is not in the list.

hello, i am the parrot os team leader and main developer.

i am a fuckin paranoid when it comes to privacy, and i realy want my stuff to stay in a safe environment.

parrot os is NOT a fully libre distribution, and it contains some proprietary drivers and binary firmware blobs to make wireless devices work properly, and of course it is (as of today) a rolling release distribution based on debian testing and passed through our internal testing and stabilization process, and it is NOT a release-based (LTS) distro, (even if we are working to release one :slight_smile: )

i use parrot as y daily driver, and i believe it is very secure and customizable for my daily security, from sandboxing to full disk encryption, with good compilation hardening flags used by default by debian and our build platform etc.

if you want a very highly secure system then use qubes os, but for daily and working stuff parrot adds no nothing bad on top of what debian ships, and i am pretty paranoid when i verify everything landing the parrot os stable repository

no telemetry, no backdoors, no bad configs and no bullshits that we are aware of

if you want the highest level of privacy and


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