ParrotOS 4.6 QA/Testing Discussion

no that is just the base files staying updated. 4.6 is still in testing.

gparted not work properly in 4.6_rc4.
I post two photos
1 -> 4.5.1
2 -> 4.6_rc4

Parrot 4.6 Release Candidate 8 released

Test it and send your test report here

KDE images are available as well


Attempting to run a program in the termianl results in:

Error: the user is not allowed to use Firejail. Please add the user in /etc/firejail/firejail.users file, either by running “sudo firecfg”, or by editing the file directly.
See “man firejail-users” for more details.

To which I did what it asked. Then I tried running a program from the terminal again, and it responded with:

Warning: Cannot confine the application using AppArmor.
Maybe firejail-default AppArmor profile is not loaded into the kernel.
As root, run “aa-enforce firejail-default” to load it.

The program runs, and everything I’ve tested so far appears to be stable. I executed both commands as it asked me to and everything seems fine. :slight_smile: Do you think those two commands should be required to be executed by the user? Personally I can just run them myself but what do you think?


Hey @jasonb179 Firejail’s app control has been disabled for running some application like LibreOffice It’s is better now

Nice Work Parrot Team

Also thanks for updating support documentations for newbies to make it more handy

I wish I am one of you :smile:

ParrotSec 4.6 RC 8 (KDE) awesome environment & design through it takes little bit in booting (KDE takes a little bit time I know :smile: )

LibreOffice fixed firejail disabled fixed also other apps that’s pretty cool :ok_hand:

Suggestion: It will be better if the KDE has a awesome wallpaper (parrot) with digital clock widget in center of the screen. I love that

Where can i see the RC number?
Is it possible to upgrade from RC4 to RC8 with parrot-upgrade?

I don’t believe so as each rc is its own separate build. We went from rc4 to rc8 as 5,6,7 were a bit broken :smile:

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We are working on support docs and other docs for devs training and workflows. A pre-copied doc is an other completely different story and we have to complete core things first

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4.6 rc8 quick view:

  • vim is not pre-installed. It is still vi. (I think tool list wasn’t updated)
  • Firejail showed: user doesn't allowed to use firejail
  • There is no way to unlock screen if screen is locked accidently. Parrot was freezy after screen lock showed few seconds.

Quick question: Are you running this as a LiveUSB or an install? The lock screen issue should be a high priority due to some users having to run it off of a USB key.

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Live mode with virtualbox. It means any user can run without knowing the password.

@jasonb179, Lockscreen issue really fucks live users I agree
Need to be fixed in next releases (facing it also in KDE)
In VirtualBox it also ask for password & keyboard setting in live mode before the plasma login logo appears

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i don’t know how to configure the background and the widgets, but i will work on it for parrot 4.7. it’s too late to touch parrot-skel for 4.6

rc numbers can be seen from the filename you download

dist-upgrading an installed system is an interesting experiment to do and it will give you access to some package updates, but not the updates that fix bad behaviors in our live environment or the packages installed by default and not tracked by a metapackage

added :slight_smile:

made a fix for it for both live-config and debian-installer

noticed on kde edition, i fixed it by using lightdm for kde too instead of using sddm, which doesn’t seem to be properly configured to be run after live-config

let’s see if the next iso files will behave better

i can confirm that the following bugs are fixed:

sandbox authorization in live mode

installer theme

libreoffice startup


bugs still around:

kde edition requires login in live mode even with lightdm instead of sddm

i still don’t know how to setup a custom background in parrot-skel for kde plasma


blackbird should not be selectable by default, just ignore it, it is there because some of its components are used by other themes

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it should ask for the user password instead of the root password, and it should not be asked in live mode

i think disabling it is a better idea rather than removing it

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Is there any idea / solution for screen lock in live mode? Locking screen without knowing password is not good at all (MATE DE)

Hey Bro, @palinuro
But I hope that you will disable it by default in next releases (Other users will also like this) :smile:
It is worst things of KDE Environment
So, there are still bugs as it also asks for password in the live mode :smile:
I always like live mode (encrypted persistence) rather than installing it :smile:

It is not recommended nor is it efficient to use a live environment versus installed to bare are bot able to utilize tbefull potential of the system. Live has its purposes but generally installed is way way way better

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