ParrotOS 4.6 QA/Testing Discussion

Some Cosmetic:

  • no swap – so why told me the install. "you have no swap defined … " ?

Some steps to harden the system:

  • set grub password
  • enable usbguard
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Although setting a grub password, and further hardening is a good idea it isn’t something we focused on for the beta testing of 4.6

i am thinking about adding anonsurf to startup apps to my secure PC. So it will make error if i shut it down without turn anonsurf off. I guess we can make an option and add auto turn anonsurf on with system, turn it off with shutdown command

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Also add , remove wireless interface from moniter mode before shutdown

can’t find it in the debian archive


samba does not start at boot, so it does not waste system resources, and it is a handy tool to work with smb/domain networks

it is already referenced by our metapackages, it should be automatically included with the next parrot builds.

could someone work on this? firefox profiles are pretty hard to maintain the way we do, and i’m not a firefox expert


could someone work on this? firefox profiles are pretty hard to maintain the way we do, and i’m not a firefox expert
I don’t know firefox config as well. I think we can edit bookmark in live mode, copy .mozila files in config and replace our skel LoL

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i already know that, this will be fixed as soon as i understand why recent builds don’t boot with both apparmor disabled or enabled

on older installations libreoffice works without firejail and crashes with firejail enabled

on recent installations and live systems libreoffice crashes when run unsandboxed and can be run only through firejail

firejail applies its own apparmor policies to its processes, so i think it depends on apparmor anyways, because processes misbehaving with or without firejail run with different apparmor profiles

apparmor is autonomous, but firejail uses it

do you have any libreoffice.profile customization to share with us?

network problems may depend on your hardware, and you should really find alternative drivers or alternative hardware to run debian on

the anonsurf stop workaround was already fixed, it was a misconfiguration on one of our build servers

i have no idea how to develop it and no time to learn how to do it. please help us developing this feature and send us a pull request

the installer should not ask for it

good idea

wireless interface is reloaded from scratch and wireless mode is a software abstraction, so you are not affected at reboot and a stop service is not needed


+1 on the pre-installed ftp. I saw that had a rc6 or rc5 ISO a few days ago, and that my installed system now reads 4.6 after running lsb_release -idrc. Does that the final 4.6 ISO is almost ready to be released? Thanks for all the hard work.

no that is just the base files staying updated. 4.6 is still in testing.

gparted not work properly in 4.6_rc4.
I post two photos
1 -> 4.5.1
2 -> 4.6_rc4

Parrot 4.6 Release Candidate 8 released

Test it and send your test report here

KDE images are available as well


Attempting to run a program in the termianl results in:

Error: the user is not allowed to use Firejail. Please add the user in /etc/firejail/firejail.users file, either by running “sudo firecfg”, or by editing the file directly.
See “man firejail-users” for more details.

To which I did what it asked. Then I tried running a program from the terminal again, and it responded with:

Warning: Cannot confine the application using AppArmor.
Maybe firejail-default AppArmor profile is not loaded into the kernel.
As root, run “aa-enforce firejail-default” to load it.

The program runs, and everything I’ve tested so far appears to be stable. I executed both commands as it asked me to and everything seems fine. :slight_smile: Do you think those two commands should be required to be executed by the user? Personally I can just run them myself but what do you think?


Hey @jasonb179 Firejail’s app control has been disabled for running some application like LibreOffice It’s is better now

Nice Work Parrot Team

Also thanks for updating support documentations for newbies to make it more handy

I wish I am one of you :smile:

ParrotSec 4.6 RC 8 (KDE) awesome environment & design through it takes little bit in booting (KDE takes a little bit time I know :smile: )

LibreOffice fixed firejail disabled fixed also other apps that’s pretty cool :ok_hand:

Suggestion: It will be better if the KDE has a awesome wallpaper (parrot) with digital clock widget in center of the screen. I love that

Where can i see the RC number?
Is it possible to upgrade from RC4 to RC8 with parrot-upgrade?

I don’t believe so as each rc is its own separate build. We went from rc4 to rc8 as 5,6,7 were a bit broken :smile:

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We are working on support docs and other docs for devs training and workflows. A pre-copied doc is an other completely different story and we have to complete core things first

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4.6 rc8 quick view:

  • vim is not pre-installed. It is still vi. (I think tool list wasn’t updated)
  • Firejail showed: user doesn't allowed to use firejail
  • There is no way to unlock screen if screen is locked accidently. Parrot was freezy after screen lock showed few seconds.

Quick question: Are you running this as a LiveUSB or an install? The lock screen issue should be a high priority due to some users having to run it off of a USB key.

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Live mode with virtualbox. It means any user can run without knowing the password.