ParrotOS as Guest Install Fail

I am trying to install ParrotOS-Security-4.11 to a VirtualBox Guest VM and it is failing after selecting the key map language. “Detect and mount installation media” with a message saying that I need to load additional drivers from removable media. It does not seem to matter how I configure my storage options in Virtual Box, this error always presents.

Has anyone experienced this or has anyone successfully installed ParrotOS Security 4.11 as a Virtual Box guest? If so, can you please share your VM settings.

ugh, I’ve experienced the same thing. A couple weeks ago, I installed 4.10 Parrot and it worked perfectly. Now, my solution is just to revert back to 4.10 with the 4.10 ISO file found in archives. BUT, when I update, the python command somehow refers to python3??? Now all my python 2-based packages are failing :frowning:

Same here am experience similar issues

I have the same issue while installing Parrot 4.11 KDE edition. I have downloaded images from different location in Europe but in vain. I have resolved it by starting in LIVE mode and opting for installation available from the desktop icon. Make sure you create the disk with min 15gb else it doesnt allow you to install. Good luck!