ParrotOS Deletes Boot entries from BIOS with Fedora Distros

I have a problem when installing in dualboot both distros.
When I install fedora first and then parrot, the bios of the PC completely stop recognizing the fedora boot partion.
The configuration is as follow:
Disk 1:
Complete installation of parrotOS .
Disk 2:
Complete installation of Fedora distro.
Parrot has by default the osprober value turn on on /etc/default/grub.
I don’t know if this the problem but I know that Fedora’s distro doesn’t.

If I install parrot first and then Fedora my PC grub recognize both Oses normally and I can simply switch opearting system from the default BIOS, thus no need to boot into any of both Grubs.
Even if I physically detach the fedora disk and then attach it again once parrot is installed, the PC’s BIOS won’t recognize the fedora grub anymore even though( obviously because the disk has been physically detached) the fedora boot partition is still there.

Did you try update-grub?

Yes, but I am not talking about grub entry.
I am talking about Motherboard’s BIOS boot options.
From BIOS boot options I see parrot and fedora only if I install parrot after fedora.
If I install parrot BEFORE fedora, then fedora BIOS entry disappear for some reason.
The problem Appears different BIOSes/PCs

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