ParrotOS freezes constantly possible ntp problem?

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Hello Parrot community,
i’m a parrot os user since a year and it always worked fine. Since this week i have a freezing situation after about 10-20 minutes of work.
What is happening?

The OS freezes, i can move the mouse cursor around but when i try to click on a menu or a window nothing reacts. About 2 minutes later whole system freezes.
I can use alt+F5 to switch to the console and can login but then it freezes also completely.
Have to do a hard reset.
Using AMD Ryzen with NVIDIA 2080 Super graphics cards here.
Suspected it could be the nvidia graphics card so i did an apt-update and parrot-upgrade (which i do regularly once a week at least) and was getting new nvidia cuda drivers this week.
But the freeze situation happened before and after the update of the nvidia cuda drivers.

Looked into the /var/log/messages and /var/log/kern.log but can not see any critical issue.

Last great change on the system this week was activating the ntp daemon via
systemctl enable ntp
systemctl start ntp

Why did i activate ntp in the first place? Because the time setting to my timezone did not work correctly, i was always 2 hours off after every reboot. :wink:

When i look into /var/log/messages this morning (when one crashed happened) i see log entries from 09:35 and then suddenly 07:35 am.
The system crashed at 07:34. So maybe ntp changed the time and the system freezed because of that?

Can anyone hint me how to analyse this? Maybe creating a debugging kernel and record a crash dump or so?


  • Parrot version in use

  • Kernel version
    uname -r

  • LOGS +



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