ParrotOS installation does not boot from SSD

Hello, I have been trying to install parrot on my laptop. Went through the proper process, downloaded the iso file, made a bootable stick with balena etcher, got into the live view and installed it perfectly with no hiccups. But the OS does not boot from the SSD after restart, it just goes to the boot menu, I select the proper SSD, then it goes back to the boot menu. I have tried all of the solutions posted online, from changing boot order to changing legacy boot option, reset BIOS settings, retried the install multiple times.
The live image seems to work fine but it from the SSD it just. doesn’t. boot.

Hello. Probably the bootloader is missing, try to reinstall grub (at the time of installation, on calamares, you are asked where install grub), or use some alternative like boot repair.

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