ParrotOS on Gnome as default


Why still use Mate Desktop ? Gnome is more stable, secure, usable and updated/supported than mate, especially with new QT tools (like usbguard), i would like to understand the reason of why…

One of many examples of usability, i use terminator as terminal, with the activity and inactivity watch plugin, when i get a notification about it while i’m not in front of my screen, i can still read later the notification history which is on the calendar, while on mate desktop there is no such thing.

And in advance, the ram should not be an issue, i’m using a 4GB ram laptop, and on Gnome, my system uses between 850 and 900MB of ram, so i can do lot of multi-task even with 4GB, and it’s usable even on 2GB machines
If the reason would be that its unusable on machines with 1GB or lower, i anwser that with such machines, what’s the point of using a desktop environnement since its mainly used for running graphical applications, which it won’t be able to run on par with the DE, better to go terminal mode only, that’s what i would do on Pi machines for example.

And i use this opportunity to tell you @Palinuro that you should indeed drop i386 support, it’s unpractical, very few use that. Just like you and your team do efforts to maintain this OS, so users should do the little effort of maintaining their systems by at least using x64

Proof of usability, using Discord + Youtube + Terminal + This forum :

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i tried the new security ISO that uses KDE, and it’s working great, only 200 more mb of ram usage than mate desktop, and about the same CPU usage.

but i’m really surprised that the parrot team chooses to use KDE instead of Gnome, KDE is known for being an unstable desktop, and having lot of features not useful (only esthetics), it also has a bigger history of exploits than Gnome

still it has lot of useful features that are missing from mate, and i find 200mb of ram not a big cost in exchange for theses

i wonder though if you will consider adding Gnome as default DE on parrot, and if the KDE(or Gnome) parrot will replace mate-desktop on the Home ISO version ?

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In my opinion, lightweight (runtime) does not mean RAM only. For example, i used cinnamon on Parrot, and it used ~700-900 MB ram, but it was still slow. Cinnamon, it always stops screen about 5 - 7 seconds if I run install tasks.
About gnome3, I used it before and in my opinion, this is the best environment for modern desktops. However, gnome3 on Parrot Security OS could be slower than others OS because Security version has so much tool shortcuts. Gnome sometimes delays time and crashes as well. That was gnome 3.22 on Debian 9. Upgrade from Debian 9 to Debian 10 (and gnome 3.31) was a nightmare for me: No desktop icon, all extensions were not compatible, runtime was extremely slow and used so much system resources.


true runtime is not the same, but i remember Gnome being quite fast, except for the thing you said about the many shortcuts, always was a problem… that is mainly why i use home version, that and the fact that my upgrades are much faster.
The KDE is quite fast though, because only the “essentials” tools for security are installed so your applications menu is not bloat. My biggest disappointment with the Security ISO is that more than 50% of the tools installed are either not maintained anymore, or are tools that do the same thing as the other beside it.

@palinuro i noticed that the KDE release download the mate-desktop when i upgrade the system, and will update it each time there is a new update of mate-desktop, because the meta package installed on the KDE ISO is tied to the mate-desktop, will it be possible to fix that ? it’s like 500mb of download each upgrade for nothing.

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GNOME 3.30 would be awesome on parrotOS, I remember myself testing how much ram new gnome eats and it eated just like xfce around 300mb. I actually like MATE, but I agree with the idea of support of desktop managers

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Gnome3 is best user interface for all types of Pc
My pc is having High configuration and Mate 1.20 screen tears on my monitor.
But no issues in Gnome3 and Cinnamon,both are best User Interface.

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@palinuro selected Mate desktop
And he not do it without thinking
So i think MATE desktop is good
BTW you can use custom in your PC


As @Amzker said, i also start to understand now why the parrot team kept to mate-desktop…
after @dmknght’s answer, i did some experiments on both gnome and mate, and i can confirm that the runtime between both is very huge(mate being much faster).

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If you configure XFCE4 on Parrot, disable all unessescary visual effect and you can see it is much more faster than mate :D. But, in my experience, gnome 3 is fast with Debian 9. Subgraph OS is much more faster than Debian 9 because it has been optimized and removed services, shortcuts.
Our problem is not only lightweight DE, but human resources. I don’t know much about others, but as i see, parrot-xfce4 used old custom configurations from long time ago. It means other DEs had been included but not maintained. So… is there any volunteer?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #10

Yup @Nico_Paul is volunteer

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i am tuning that out and parrot 4.5 should fix this issue

some applications still require some mate/gnome dependencies because they are gtk apps, but everything else is not gtk-centric as it should be

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Yes please! I love the Gnome Desktop but haven’t been able to run it on parrot due to some install error with apt-get and taskel etc. I’d LOVE to see a .ISO with GNOME as default on it.


at this time we don’t support gnome software and there aren’t plans to support it in the future atm. Everyone is welcome to enable gnome software to work as a Parrot Linux DE but it’s not likely to be the default for some time, if ever.

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