ParrotOS SDR

So, my brother got me a SDR kit for Christmas. Good kid. I’ve never messed with it, myself, but I was intrigued by the idea of a DIY police scanner. However, I don’t find any support in ParrotOS, and only one reference to it in the forums. Am I missing something? Has SDR been, for lack of a better term, deprecated? Does anyone have info on Linux SDR on Parrot? I’m not having any luck. Took me five minutes to install software on my android tablet, but my Linux machine can’t seem to get the parts together. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Did he get an rtl-sdr Blog v3 (most popular/affordable model)?

If so, here is a nice guide/resource. Keep in mind you may not need to know everything in it, but be sure to create the blacklist file to prevent problems:

To build a trunking police scanner you will generally need 2 sdr’s.

Take a look on Synaptic package maanger, or search apt for ‘sdr’. You will find many nice options. Try out Gqrx, CubicSDR, CuteSDR.

Thank you, but I don’t show gqrx under apt search at all, and the few that come up for SDR are already installed. Strangely, my apt search only shows installed programs lately. I haven’t had time to investigate.
Luckily, my brother goofed and bought me two of the blog v3s, so that’s awesome. It was a month shipping time. I’ll go start a thread in support about the apt search function. Thanks.