Parrots BIGGEST fan returns to the antichrist

Man!! this time last year , I was screaming from the rooftops Linux is the way . linux is love ,linux is life. I seriously carried 30 different usb . I wanted to make sure I had or could get access to every flavor , so that once I was done converting that former apple or MS user, I had just what they needed. I was drunk on linux , deepen,Black Arch,Kali,mint/cinn, ubuntu, BUT my favorite was parrot. sure I like the gaming builds. steam 10/10 but I made parrot my duel on 3 machines. You can check sites like Linus tech tips. or pcpartpicker. but something started to happen. due to the nature of my money making endeavors PC/small real estate/ cryptocurrency invest and comic books, I am constantly changing hardware and apps and data. still being pushed back to the anti-Christ win 10.
Former airborne ranger with a master level black belt in 09, the property is secure. sensors, cameras, dogs etc etc the perimeter is secure.
duel DD-wrt routers r8000 r7000 nighthawk. the network is secure. we are in the pipe 5 x 5
and yet the one deal breaker , an asinine and useless and constant need to authenticate *sndfl’asfajds vf]pjf pjsdf aHSEDFNNarrrrggggg
BECOMING more and more redundant daily. sure I tried many suggestions but none of them were the fix I needed. I was literally starting t go crazy with the number of times I was having to authenticate.
I had broken free needed NOTHING from windows. the cord had been cut. and yet gradually i found myself back on that boot because today’s project was too important to risk me having a meltdown on my distro de jure or I just wasn’t feeling like interrupting my work flow with 50 authentications.clearly its the 400 pound elephant. I no longer run the streets converting … my usb gather dust and today was my first linux login all month. and believe me when I say I miss Caine and Manjaro… but I want to be able to come home to Parrot. and I want to bring others back and recruit more converts. Someone please tell me in my absents that this problem has been resolved?
Until then , all my best
Arak Zantara

my PASSWORD … and I have MAJOR passwords and I would get asked 4 mins after I had just used it and 2 mins ago… its was completely asinine to a person like myself that I predicted what would happen. which is a crying shame. If not for the constant stop work redo password … password authenticate ID ID ID I could have lived in the distro universe and never look at MS again. because even the gaming in Linux is good these days (smh)… If you can help I surely would be in your debt. nothing would make me happier ( except maybe upgrading my werewolf by night #32 CGC 9.2 first appearance of Moon Knight to a Mint 9.8) If you going to blow smoke up my a$$ … dont bother I am ex military … had that done enough!
either way I wish you the best

Oh yes protocol and all that . suppose to list all my hardware and my build… I do not pertinent in this situation. But I am by the book so here is my rig

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You sure he is not talking about authenticating with sudo?

@Arak Please try to make you questions clear and simple where possible. What password are you referring to?

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Hi all. I really dont know how to be more clear. I sign into parrot with a password. I get into Parrot/Linux and have to continuously authenticate who I am . Yes of course I have root access.I appreciate what your doing with the wifi card. I have 0 problems there no matter what distro I am running, but for the record I am using an Intel ® Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V . I am hard wired to a R-7000 Nighthawk ( middle defenses primarily Lan) leading to the main router R-8000 Nighthawk which has been flashed and configured with one of Kong’s better DD-WRT burns if I do say so.
honestly, I have been so busy with the crypto and comic books that it has made it easier to log into Dante’s win 10th level of hell. I cant tell you how depressed and sad that makes me, I was having so much fun in the Linux world. and just between us… You tend to meet a better class of people :wink: I had allowed myself to get excited that a solution was in play or just around the corner. Thank you everyone who took the time to read and respond. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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There is a potential solution if you are up for it (the community would hate to lose you). Just recognize it could be a security problem if someone else got access to your computer logged in as this username (since you wouldn’t have to enter password to sudo certain apps).

Add each of the programs individually that you need to use without authentication to the sudoers file. Use this command to edit the sudoer file (as root/sudo):

Add this line at the end of the file:

YOUR_USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/program_name_here

You need to create a line like the above for each program you wish to use without authentication. Make sure to save. Make sure to add the full path to the program/command (not symlinks). You will need to use:
sudo commandhere

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not bugged w/ passwords at all. on occasion I am and if sudo prompts (use the suggestion someone mentioned earlier) or an admin priv’s prompt which has a convenient “cache password” option to lessen the pain.
I think people are confused what “password” you are referring too.
The key to linux is learning how to cache or accept risks to either cache the passwords or use a distro that isn’t using firejail or other security measures.
All os’es are tools. Each has its risks and quirks.

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‘Airborne Ranger’? Sounds like what someone would say who is completely naive to what it means to be a in a Ranger Batt. Not to mention you’re all over the place in this post and I can even tell those of us who are heavily experienced in authentication we are like, ‘what the hell is this guy talking about’?? I hate coming off like a hater on the internet but I just have absolutely no forgiveness for those who lie about being in the military. So Yeah I’ll give you a little bit of info to make your lie sound authentic or authenticate…
. When you get assigned to a Ranger Battalion you are part of the army’s ‘Airborne’ infantry. But because the ‘Airborne’ ssi tab is part of the unit insignia of various airborne units in the US army any soldier in one of these units is airborne infantry. So all Rangers are airborne Infantry. And I know what’s happening here because it shares the same exact style and design as ‘Sapper’ ‘Ranger’ ‘Presidents Hundred’. In order to get one of those three you actually have to complete those schools or in the case of the president’s hundred you have to be in the top 100 of marksman of the Marksmanship class. Airborne is the only SSI Tab that shares the same style as the previous three but does not mean anything the same as the previous three, all Airborne means is that you are an infantry soldier that gets carried to and from the battlefield by air. Because you would have a special parachutist school insignia for your tab if you actually went to jump school and passed it and that has no affiliation with anything here other than it can be combined but you don’t have to go to the any of the other schools in order to go to parachute School and that’s a big misconception that I can see you’re getting confused by thinking you’re an Airborne Ranger bro.

Quick summary all Rangers are airborne infantry. And Airborne infantry does not mean you jump out of air assets to the battle no in order to do that you need another special badge called parachutist badge. Airborne only means you travel to and from your area of operations by air. Kind of like how cavalry used to get carried to and from their area of operations by cavalry


Amen brother . False stolen valor , I dunno why people need acceptance from people they don’t even know and feel like they have to lie to kick it , I am very appreciative for you service but I have no respect for people who tell stories in order to get clout and make themselves feel important , on top of it we have an amazing community and dev’s that do anything they can for their users I appreciate everything but when people act like we owe them something just blows my mind In all reality losing an end user that talks down to put devs and community like we are lucky to have them here is just funny to me

Yea bro I honestly don’t even like being that dick who hates all over everything everywhere they go online. But I just have an issue with people who have such low respect, that they got no respect for those who stand guard and insure that others get those freedoms to live the way they want for the most part. At least in My country. I get that not all countries can say what I just did. But 9 out of 10 times if another country/nation-state is struggling, and they have shown they tried everything possible and then some to get out of it their dire straights America will usually step in and bridge that gap, putting are young boys, and now girls(somewhat) at risk to achieve what ever that is. So mister Airborne Ranger Im not trying to be a dick, you gotta be good at something dude go do that. Life is way more rewarding doing things than it is pretending to be something your not. In today’s world we got these things called computers, and its easy for someone to spot when someone else is isn’t being 100% truthful. I’ll end it with this,

“you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime, but if you give him a fish, well your better off just walking up to him and telling him to his face, ‘dude, your fucked!’; cause that reality check, might be just what he needed to hear, to save his life!”

Merry Christmas Everyone!! You too Mister “Airborne Ranger”

I don´t like being that dick either, but I have a big issue with those American republicans and even democrats that think their country is somehow chosen by god to dominate the world and those men that have been killing and raping people in countries like Vietnam and Iraq are “war heroes”.

What nations struggling? I don´t think any single nation has become a better place due to American intervention in the last 50 years, and dozens have been made worse. No other war power has murdered so many people since 1945 when the third Reich fell thanks to RUSSIA AND NOT AMERICA!

What sickens me most is that you actually think America fights for freedom anywhere while you have supported countless tyrannical dictatorships around the world. Take the Kuwait war where America murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and “liberated” Kuwait (which is not even a real nation-state) by reestablishing a dynasty just as tyrannical as Saddam Hussein. And America does not stand up for anyone other when itself and its economical interest, just think of how you recently let down the Kurds in Syria because with the president´s own words; “we have secured the oil”!

At the same time he promises to send more troops to defend Saudi Arabia, among the brutal regimes in the world which we actually KNOW finances terrorism. Arak, if you really are in the Air force and they try to send you to fight for the Saudi regime, I seriously advice you to desert. Really, don´t die for a regime that has raped women stoned to death just because they are the “friends” with the rulers of your country just because they have oil!

Hi guys, I’m closing the topic, I hope you’ll understand why, please keep in mind which forum you are on, thank you again for your understanding.