ParrotSec 4.7 No WiFi in browsers

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ParrotSec 4.7

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After I updated to 4.7 my internet connection was working fine. However, my router was reset and now everything is a mess. I started BlackArch up on VirtualBox and this is when I became aware of the problem. I tried various configurations between my host machine and VM. Nothing works. The issue is now with my host. It won’t connect to the internet at all. Before the upgrade, I had some issues. I lost my ip tables. I can’t even run any command with ip tables, it’s shows as non existent. I also lost anonsurf desktop and tor about two months ago. Regardless of trying to remove them and reinstall, nothing has worked. I installed JonDo instead. I was fine with this set up until today. Now my WiFi doesn’t work at all. JonDo shows that I’m connected to the internet. However, my browser won’t connect.

I have an Hp Envy laptop that this 4.7 runs on. The RealTek driver shows as “0dba 8813.”Not sure if I need to install different drivers??

I did sudo parrot-upgrade. 1700 new packages installed.
Then I did
Sudo autoremove

Then I ran an update and show that 3 packages can’t be installed. They are gnuradio, gnuradio-dev, and phonon-backend-gstreamer-common.
(Not bad out of 1700 lol)

I did check my resolv.conf file. That doesn’t exist either. I tried multiple times to fix this. No luck.

And apparently the reason why I had so many packages to be installed on this newest upgrade, is because my Nginix keys file replaced the parrot.list.d file. I have absolutely NO idea how that happened.

It’d be great if I could get one of my computers running today. My KDE on my desktop is having connectivity issues as well. If I figure out a solution that works, I’ll come back here and post it.

In the meantime, any help would be sooooooo appreciated right now.

(Love the new upgrade btw! I had a chance to check it out before everything went haywire)

hi. can you do a lspci | grep -E "Realtek*"

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Thank you very much for asking. Yes I could, but it would show my configurations are now accurate.

I was able to fix this veru quickly after referring to my last post when @hotwater recommended that I edit my /etc/resolv.conf.bak file. So for anyone having this issue I’ll just list step by step what I did.

cd /etc
sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf.bak
I added “nameserver” to the list of servers that were listed here. I already had 3, so I deleted one so Parrot could have its space here.

Then I hit control o, saved file and control x to exit.
After this i entered the commands to turn off wireless interfaces
sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
sudo ip link set wlan0 down
sudo service network-manager restart

I also fixed anonsurf. sudo apt get purge && autoremove (amongst other variations of this command) to delete anonsurf never quite worked out for me. So every time I tried to reinstall, the package was still broken.
So I went into anonsurf directory and started looking at files. Specifically, the Makefile

cd anonsurf
cat Makefile

mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/etc/tor/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/applications/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/parrot-menu/applications/
cp onion.pac $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/onion.pac
ln -s /etc/anonsurf/onion.pac $(DESTDIR)/etc/tor/onion.pac
cp torrc $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/torrc
cp $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/anonsurf
cp exitnode-selector $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/exitnode-selector
cp exitnodes.csv $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/exitnodes.csv
cp resolv.conf.opennic $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/resolv.conf.opennic
chown root:root $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/anonsurf
chown root:root $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/exitnode-selector
chown root:root $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf/resolv.conf.opennic
chmod 775 $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/anonsurf
ln -s /usr/bin/anonsurf $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/anon
cp -rf launchers/* $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/applications/
chown root:root $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf -R
chmod 644 $(DESTDIR)/etc/anonsurf -R

Alot of them were destroyed when I kept trying to uninstall anonsurf. I manually created the paths I needed by just copying what was already listed in the Makefile.
sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/parrot-menu/applications/
I did this until they were all fixed. Then I went to github and did grabbed the link to clone anonsurf. I had to make sure that there weren/t any extra directories since I tried this a few times.
sudo rm -r anonsurf

sudo git clone
cd anonsurf
sudo ./

For some reason, it updated anonsurf and fixed everything. Now it works as good as new.

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Thank you so much dude, that solved my problem

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