ParrotSec Logo and Wallpaper


(Manuel Hernandez) #1


Feel like a winner with this ParrotSec pack of images (Logo and Wallpaper), made using Inkscape and GIMP, completely original and free.

:large_orange_diamond: Logo

The compressed file is packed with three (03) files, the Font (Hartland, which is Free for Personal and Commercial use), the original SVG (CC-NoCommercial-ShareAlike) and a two-layer 1000x1000px XCF.

ParroSec Logo.tar.xz (563.0 KB)

:large_orange_diamond: Wallpaper (Contest Winner)

It is a 1920×1080px PNG.

Also, this post could be used to share any modifications or improvements to this work.


lol looks like a pissed off parrot :rofl:


Kinda why I like it, I’ve seen my macaws looking sully like that… Not quite as angry as when they extend their necks, level their heads, and start pulling wings back.

@Serverket Very nice. I might color shift it to red if it doesn’t mess me up too much (my terminals are mostly white and red so backgrounds mess with them and my opacity settings). I really love the feathers, nice detailing.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #4

awesome, keep rocking

(hashtag) #5

lmao :smiley: but this one’s nice