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Hello guys I’m new to parrot but I don’t really understand the partition aspect of the installation, in the sense yes I see guided partition but isn’t it better if the drive is partition accordingly so if something goes wrong like HDD crash or grub error you can retrieve your info, so I want to know how to correctly partition my drive as YouTube doesn’t provide in dept. lesson on said subject

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Hi @Calvin_Genius

On VMware, I’d back up the Parrot virtual machine’s files on another drive.

Else, It would depend on whether you wanted to install via MBR/BIOS or UEFI Firmware.

  • I’d create whatever disk size you want,

  • format all of it (if not using UEFI) with a btrfs file system,

  • don’t bother with a swap partition (as long as you give the VM enough memory, or you could create a swap file instead),

  • install Parrot, reboot

  • install the Timeshift package in Parrot,

  • create (and format) a second VMware hard disk that dynamically grows, perhaps located on a second actual disk

  • and use TimeShift to do hourly, daily, weekly (btrfs) backups onto the second VMware hard disk.

But that’s just my suggestion.

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