Passphrase issue / default keyboardlayout is us

I was protecting my whole hdd with a passphrase, which contains special chars i.g. @ or /. The keyboardlayout at this point was default from the parrot home liveOS = us. During this process I set up my location settings and keyboardlayout (for the future os) and type the passphrase, too. But later then, I’m not able to give the correct password to decrypt my hdd, because as the “Welcome to Grub!” Sreen appears, there is only a default US-Layout loaded to grub. This problem is known for decades on several bug-reports ubuntu side…

I’m searching for a solution since days. I would highly appreciate any help with ‘telling grub to use the de-layout’! I’m able to get into the system by typing the english version of my password, so I think everything is working nice behind, and there is somethijng wrong with Grub2, which seems not able to load the correct layout from installation, idk…

I was following the documentation exactly. :slight_smile: Is there a setting for partitioning, I probably missed out? The sentence in the doc: " If you want, you can also encrypt the system by adding a passphrase:" should be a little extended (in order to save massive lifetime) with “Except you are using a non-us keyboardlayout!” :slight_smile:

I choosed no swap, but file (Auslagerungsdatei) in the partition window. So, I only have 2 partitions.

– sda1 /boot/efi/
– sda2
------ luks–hash

  • Application used for flashing the iso: - dd

Thanks in advance! Any ideas?

it seems, it cannot be done since grub2 only allows us_EN layout. but then I’m asking, why this disc encyption works with Parrot Sec and wont work with Parrot Home? Is there a parrot side solution, since the Sec Version works with disc-encryption?

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