Passwords in Parrot

(Jan Wysocki) #1

It looks like mess . During Parrot installation I have established ONE reguired password. When I try to open ‘Gparted’ system asking me to enter “Password for root”. When I have try to open reporting application
"Casefile" (to report issue) system is asking me for ’ Administrative password’ , If I want to use Terminal i have to provide “SUDO password”.
I’m wondering why so many types of paswords ? Parrot needs to maintain and how to establish all passwords required by PARROT OS to be able to us it !

Big thankx for help

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #2

this is not about parrot, this is how gnu/linux works. if you want admin permissions, you have to authenticate as an admin

(aayush sinha) #3

whats the default password in parrot for rpi ?

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Check out this link

parrot : toor

(dmknght) #5

Use graphic installer in the boot menu then :slight_smile:

(Nirmitha MW) #6

This is how I fixed it.

I tried several passwords like “toor”, “root”, “admin” etc. every time unsuccessful.

you can create a password for root in this way.

01 ) type sudo passwd root in terminal
02) enter your non-root user password
03) create a new password for root

That’s all ! :wink:

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Default passwords didn't work
(Kune Mohith) #7

Parrot is secure because of this nature. If there is any malicious script you have downloaded. Then if you execute as root user, the whole system gets messed up and you may need to do fresh install . Even most of the hackers or professional pentesters run an account apart from root user with sudo permissions. This can gradually decrease the chances of compromising. If you don’t want this type of infrastructure, you better shift to kali linux, which has only root user by default. In parrot OS, to get root terminal you can go Applications<<System tools<<Root terminal. Or type " sudo -i " in a terminal to get your copy of root shell by typing password as a sudoer.

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(Jared Palmer) #8

If it helps anyone else reading this, the root password for the latest build of Parrot Linux live is…“live”

It took me 20 minutes to guess this after I accidentally turned on the lock screen while I had a process running that I didn’t want to have to re-start and lose my progress. For older versions it was “toor”.


:slight_smile: You can find the password for live on our FAQ in docs.

(Jared Palmer) #10

Yeah, but this page is what comes up when you google for what the default password is. So it’s a good place to post an answer.

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did not know that thanks

(dmknght) #12

it is better if nobody know your root password. I always change default root password to my own unique password.

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(Jose Alberto Alvarado) #13

In Parrot Live Forensics I did tried with the common known user and password without success using live/toor user/root but couldn’t log in … Any info about it? Wanna try it

Default passwords didn't work

Please make a post in support

(Jose Alberto Alvarado) #15

Thread its about passwords doesnt ?


Yes, but this is Dev/Security Category. If you are experiencing an error with a password; that needs to be reported in the Support category. Please fill out a support ticket so we can identify where and what the actual issue is.

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