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When i open menu and go to the Parrot tab, there is only information gathering/ipultils-arping).
I found in the control center under main menu in the look and feel section that i can add all other but when i check to add one it imediatly unchecks itself.
Thanks in advance

What version of Parrot are you running? (4.1, x64)

What method did you use to install Parrot? (Sorry not sure)

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (no)

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I’ve encountered the same problem one time, try to download again the ISO and Reinstall everything.

Did you have a dual boot with windows ?
Did you update the system with terminal commands?

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Yes i had w10 and kali,
I found the solution btw :sweat_smile:, so i downloaded the home version and didnt know that all of those tools dont come preinstalled with the home version so i had to download them. :smiley:

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