Briefly describe your issue below:
From a bootable USB burnt with Parrotsec 4.4, I select persistance mode at Grub in the hope that I can save changes made when running live from this USB stick

Changes made include

  • updating mirrors in /etc/apt/sources…
  • entering WiFi passward
  • installing clonezilla

But shutting down and restarting shows that none of the changes were saved. Do I need to instruct Parrotsec Live to save in some way before shutting down in Persistance mode?

The USB device must be configured for persistence. This is a matter of resizing the partitions on the device to the size of the image (and a little wiggle room in my experience so i go 5GB ) create a new partition in the new free space, create a filesystem on the new partition labeled persistence and writing a persistence.conf file to it.
You can’t just boot a live iso and tell squshfs “remember me”…
There are lots of tutorials out there but read man:parted and man:mkfs gparted and fdisk are not going to handle this one… good luck! and have fun!

Oh, my ignorance again :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction

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