Pip is not working

i’m using parrot version of 4.10 , security edition with an architecture of amd64.

pip is not working in my system. Though python3 is already installed in my pc.
when i used to install pip3 using sudo apt-get install python3-pip, it displays that “python3-pip is already the newest version”

what are you trying to do using pip?

when i used to fire a command pip -V, it is displaying that command not found.
when i open vscode it is showing that pip is not installed…

and bro, even i’m facing problem with upgrading my pc.

Can you execute the command using the full path of pip?
(ie: /usr/bin/pip3 and/or /usr/bin/pip)

yes. i did it bro, but it was showing me that no such file or directory…

Confirm if pip really is on the system with which pip it will show the path if it is on the system and also try python3 -m pip <package-name> and if it still doesn’t work then try sudo apt install python python3
Hope it helps

instead of
pip install packageName
pip3 install packageNamge
and if this doesn’t work try
sudo apt install --reinstall python3-pip python-dev

thank you. but when i tried this, it displays an error of “Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install” . And when i try to resolve with that command it is displaying another error like this - “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”.

what might be the exact problem ??

it means the installation was corrupt

try this it might help

sudo dpkg ––configure –a

It will reset corrupt package database

make a clean install
first remove the pip package or python as well using apt remove command or you can purge it also
then do sudo apt autoremove
then reinstall the packages
sudo apt install python3 python-dev python3-pip
after that, if any dependencies error occurs just do
sudo apt install -f and see it it works

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yes, i tried with ‘sudo apt autoremove’ , but it is displaying this - “apt --fix-broken install”

yes you can do that
it is same as
sudo apt install -f

there’s no problem with the version, I was using Linset and installed Pyrit, also pip, and was working fine, try to remove and install again.

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