Please HELP!!

My system not booting. After login It shows only mouse pointer nothing else.
I use that command before

sudo apt autoremove --purge snapd 

Then I noticed a lot of lib and essential files removed. After that I lost my wifi connection. I thought it will be okay after a restart but no. Now I can’t use wifi and my system is stuck on a blank screen with a moveable mouse pointer.
As far I can remember I was using Linux 4.10 amd64 kde and I installed it via a iso.

Please help me I don’t want to setup whole system

Can you get to a terminal login prompt by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1?

You are probably going to need an Ethernet connection to restore packages for a graphical X server, KDE desktop, and Wi-Fi.

My understanding is that apt autoremove removes dependencies that were automatically installed for a base package. The manual for apt says:

autoremove is used to remove packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for other packages and are now no longer needed as dependencies changed or the package(s) needing them were removed in the meantime.

You should check that the list does not include applications you have grown to like even though they were once installed just as a dependency of another package. You can mark such a package as manually installed by using apt-mark(8). Packages which you have installed explicitly via install are also never proposed for automatic removal.

It’s a good idea to run --simulate before using a consequential command apt, e.g. apt --simulate autoremove based on the advice of Don’t break Debian. Synaptic has a graphical preview of software package changes.

If you removed critical software like dpkg you’ll need to reinstall ParrotOS.


you can get to a tty terminal and if you have ethernet and can connect it with your laptop or desktop, then you can run
sudo apt install -f
then sudo parrot-ugprade

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