Pluma Error

when ever i try to edit something with pluma it give me that eroor please help me

It only gives me that error after i have closed pluma.

Does pluma not open at all? even out of the menu?

sometimes it don’t even open.


You will have to be more specific, try to figure out what prevents it from opening.

pluma not responding when ever i open it. it’s ask for pass when i give it sometimes it’s show up sometimes it also don’t show up in processes.

i have same problem with ettercap it also don’t show up or if it’s show up i click on sniff the suddenly it disappears

How are you opening the file?
What is the file?
Where is it?
Any errors you can paste?
Does it open from the menu?

You have to be specific to diagnose the issue.

i simply click on it and give pass after that it should show up but sometimes it doesn’t i am thinking to reisntall Parrots os.

You shouldnt have to enter a password when you open pluma. You could re-install, but if you have the same issue again you will be back to square one.

Please show the output pf uname -a, and do you have the last update?
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade.

Also it’s worth giving a try reinstalling pluma. sudo apt purge pluma and then sudp apt install pluma.

Everybody here is missing the fact that hes logged in as root…

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i reinstall the parrot os now i don’t have that problem thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Ive had this problem and found how to fix Pluma not opening. Go into the /etc/firejail directory and find the file pluma.profile open and remove the # in font of commands save and run Pluma and it should work ok as it did for me.

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