pressing start button doesn't works

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I am using the latest Parrrot security OS…in which tools are pre-installed…using it in vmware… the issue is it is when I press the windows key nothing happens…and so I can’t search too and many other…I have Installed GNOME too but nothing happened So help me I’m new to this…

When you say pressing the “start button” do you meant he Applications button does not work? You are not getting a menu?

What you could do is install another file manager, either KDE or MATE. si esto no funciona, in the configuration verify that the keyboard drivers and everything else are installed or compatible, if this does not work it means that the system has broken packages, you can verify it with these commands:

sudo apt install -f
sudo dpkg --configure -a

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can take a more vigorous approach. Start by listing any packages that dpkg has marked as requiring a reinstallation.

sudo dpkg -l | grep ^ .. r
You should see the problematic packages there. As long as there’s nothing that doesn’t seem to belong there, you can force remove the broken packages.

sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove - reinstreq
When dpkg finishes, try cleaning with Apt.

sudo apt clean sudo apt update

If this first option does not work we proceed to this:
Repair broken packages with Synaptic package manager
Another option to try to solve the problem is through the Synaptic program. To install it, you just have to run the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install synaptic
Then open the program and follow the following instructions:

Click on the Filters button.
Then select the Broken option.
Select the package that is damaged.
Then press the right mouse button and when the context menu appears, click on the option Mark to uninstall completely. Then an attempt will be made to uninstall the package that is causing all the problems.

And if none of the above does not work, the best thing to do is to reinstall the system, since then it has download errors in its packages or the seed is not complete or has failures.

I figured it out btw thanks for replying…Now I am facing an issue… I am unable to install sprta…it requires python-elixir…>I installed it but same errro on running sparta says elixir not found …Any solution or any similar tool than sparta(Runs nmap in stages , GUI tool , runs nikto , runs Nmap scripts as well)

Thanks man

Install Requirements as mentioned : Here

lol they gave errors btw i installed kali too and trying it on there

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