Problem installing Parrot Os 3.11

Hello, I hope you can help me. when I create a usable bootable with the iso of parrot the attempt to boot from there, it tells me that there is an error with idlinux.c32 that could be due. I have already tried several programs to enter the iso in the usb and nothing.

I would appreciate your help, I do not want to stay without trying the distribution that looks very good.

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Did you try etcher? and … verify the md5sum.
Salute, amigo!!

Hi, thank you for you answer.

I tried to burn the ISO on the USB with Windows 7 and Linux Mint.

Use programs such as yumi, etcher, universal installer usb, rufus and the image editor that brings linux mint by default.

The architecture of my laptop is x86-32 bits.

I am trying to run the version 3.11 FULL. For 32 bit architectures.

I do not know what they are referring to with the method, I am something new in Linux OS.

A curiosity is that I could install version 3.11 Home for my architecture, can I use apt install parrot-tools-full and it would be the same as the FULL version?

Yes, I went through the parrot page and I realized that they suggested etcher, but it did not help me either.

Could you clarify that it is md5sum ??

Md5 it’ s something like a finger print… One file has is own finger print when you try to get its hash… So if you change Any bit of that file you get another hash…different hash…
Ok… Parrotsec ISO has its own md5 hash… If something went wrong while you were downloading the iso file, and this file is not exactly the same as the one in the “cloud” its hash(fingerprint) would be different. There are programs to get md5 hash from a file … You can get that md5 value and compare it with

Well, I just checked and it is not the same md5, but I have already downloaded the image as 3 times: S

But, can you install the startup version, with the appropriate command to install? Parrot-tools-complete would be the same as the version FULL?

If the hashes don’t match your copy is either corrupted or worse. Are you experiencing network connectivity issues? If you’re on a wireless connection can you either move closer to the router or jump on wired? If you’re network is particularly noisy (like a college campus), you may want to try a friend’s house or something.


I think so…
apt install parrot-tools-full

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Well I could solve it, install the home version and install apt parrot-tools-full install what I lacked, but now I have problogs when I try to install programs like spotify. If I take the parrot repositories and apply apt install parrot-tools-full in linux mint, could I have the tools of parrot security?

Thanks for your help and sorry if I’m annoying, I’m new to this.