Problem with AnonSurf

Hello people,
I’m new in linux and after see some distros i decide to choose Parrot OS to start learning, so, sorry if it’s a very newbie question.
After made some updates the anonsurf just disappeared from applications menu, like if i had uninstalled it, but no, I did not do it.
I need some help to fix that.

I am currently on ParrotSec 4.6 recently downloaded

I installed on Debian GTK

I am currently running dual boot with windows 10 with 4gb of RAM

Have u try to search for it using the search in the menu or use it in the terminal, if it still in the system then you can just simply use it in the terminal or maybe create another item for it in the menu, or reinstall the app
if it no longer in the system them just install it again


Hi @Ghost.Survivor,

You can start anonsurf from the command line: sudo anonsurf start
When you’re done, make sure to execute the command: sudo anonsurf stop

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Hi lusynda, look what happen

Hello Bigtasty, i tried that command but the awnser is:

“sudo: anonsurf: command not found”

may i had uninstalled it or something?

try sudo apt-get install anonsurf

sudo anonsurf start


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