Problem with Desktop in Parrot Security.

Cant see icons, cant rightclick on desktop

I am running the latest version of Parrot Security OS x86

I used Debian Standard to install Parrot
And I was not dual booted

When I log into root on my parrot hardware machine (no VM) I cant see icons and can right click on desktop. All is fine on the non-root account though.

Please help me fix this issue

You arn’t supposed to log in as root to the desktop.

Main reason being security. But also as you say, many applications arnt intended to be run as root and do not function properly when they are.

You can log in as root in a terminal sudo su.

Don’t login as root
Byt i think it’s not issue
I think you have problem in installation

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The reason i need root is because i want to be able to quickly access files in the /root/

Personally I would just keep my files stored in my home directory opposed to /root.

But if you use sudo caja it will open caja to the /root directory anyway.

if using sudo takes too long, maybe add certain commands to the sudoers file.

Thanks for the help. It seems to be working on non-root account i have access to the root dir.