Problem with file uploader,please help!

Ηello,i have installed parrot linux in my pc in a dual boot with windows.When i open the default file manager to explore the folders and files in the right bar i can see all the folders that i have in /home folder like videos,music,pictures ect (check this picture here —> At the first sight all seems to be normal but when i go to upload a file in some website like facebook some folders like videos and pictures are not showed in the file uploader (check this picture —> ) I don’t know what is going wrong with that and this situation is very annoying.Does anyone knows how to solve this issue?is that some file uploader issue?or it is something that i need to configure in my system?p.s My parrot linux is in the greek language so in the pictures you will see some uknown language but it’s ok it is easy to understand.I’m waiting for the respond to everyone who wants to help me.Thank you.

Hi !

Firejail sandboxing firefox, thats why you didnt see some folder.
See this issue:

Thank you for your respond.I will try to whitelist the folders from firejail to see if this works.Thanks a lot

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I just uninstalled the firejail and the problem solved and the headache has gone