Problem with Graphic Card Nvidia

Hello . I recommend that you better support my graphics in future updates so I can better use this distribution.
My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 7300 le. Thank you
I could hardly install the driver right now

it is laready supported, you just have to install the nvidia-legacy driver instead of the main nvidia package

Yes, I did this before asking, but I did not get any results!
There was no problem in version 3.6 of the parrot, but in the current version of the parrot, the graphics card does not work properly.
I installed the driver from the nvidia site, but there was an error kernel headers when installing it.
In version 3.6 of the parrot, I could watch Batman vs Superman, but now it’s not possible !!!:sweat_smile:

I changed my operating system 11 times a week ago :sob::cold_sweat::scream:
Will this flaw be resolved in the upgrades that are coming soon?
I would never like to remove the parrot. So I should refer to the previous versions

do NOT install nvidia drivers from the nvidia website, you have to install the drivers from the parrot repository, or you will get every possible kind of compatibility error