Problem with memory

Hey all,
I hope someone could help me with my issue.
I installed Parrot OS KDE and chose a lvm partition with LUKS encryption.
My hard disk has a memory of about 500 gb but my ‘/home’ just has about 80 gb.
I can not see where the problem is, cause ‘lsblk’ says that in ‘-parrot–vg-home’ is ~500 gb available, but when I ask ‘df -h’ it says that ‘-parrot–vg-home’ has only 60 gb available. Why is it so? And why can’t I use the whole memory of my hard disk?
Hope anyone can help me!

Welcome to the ParrotOS Community :hugs:
This May Help you
Does LVM eats my disk space or does df lie?

Thank you so much.
I read this before, but didn’t make things clear too much as the difference of memory was too big. Whatever I did install new and now everything works fine :slight_smile:

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