Problem with Parrot OS installation

So I downloaded Parrot OS Home from the OVA virtual applicance and I imported it into Oracle VirtualBox (via import appliance) without any issues and I put the hard drive of the virtual machine on one of my Qnap NAS units. (It’s running off an Intel NUC, and it doesn’t have enough space on the NUC itself for the VirtualBox hard disk file.)

But when I go to use it, after a certain amount of time (several hours), I noticed that it will start to read the hard drive heavily, and the VM would pretty much “lock up” in the sense that it will become unresponsive.

The total size of the virtual disk is about 124 GB, but according to Windows Task Manager for that VirtualBox process, it will read in excess of 3.7 TB of data.

If there are more information that you need from me or if you need me to collect some data, please let me know.

Again, I’ve only noticed this “in passing” as I am not always constantly using the OS (sometimes, it’s just sitting in the background whilst I am working on other things, e.g. taking care of tiny humans), so it’s only when I try to return to it that that’s when I notice that it’s doing that.

And I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why it is doing that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!