Problem with resolv.conf

Hi, my problem is that every time I reboot/shutdown and boot my pc or even if I turn on and off anonsurf, the internet connection stops working. Yesterday I reinstalled my system to make sure I didn’t broke anything accidentally but the problem is still there.

I discovered that the problem is in the /etc/resolv.conf file, that is a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf but even if I create the file and write anything on it (for example
nameserver nameserver
when I reboot my pc the file disappears for no reason and I cannot connect to internet 'cause I don’t have any DNS.

VERSION="5.0 (Electro Ara)"

As I already explained the problem appears also when I turn on and then off anonsurf.

I hope who reads can understand what I’m talking about, thanks for reading and sorry for my terrible english.

It’s because Palinuro removed resolvconfig from preinstalled packages. In previous version (and current version), AnonSurf uses the same logic of resolvconfig: create a symlink to make system use DHCP address. Because you are not having resolvconfig so yeah your settings won’t be hold in the system. Don’t worry i’ll work with Palinuro on this.

Maybe you didn’t get what i typed so let me try to make it clear again. There are 2 problems you mentioned

  1. resolvconf was removed so your system won’t hold the settings every reboot
  2. AnonSurf can’t recreate the dns settings. I suppose I fixed 1 problem in latest version but the logic to replace resolvconf needs some research.

We might have a hotfix for you there:

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