Problems with Mullvad VPN App

1. Your Parrot information

  • OS version: run cat /etc/*release
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    PRETTY_NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux 4.10”
    NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux”
  • Kernel version: run uname -a
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    Linux parrot 5.9.0-2parrot1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.9.6-2parrot1 (2020-11-17) x86_64 GNU/Linux


I use the Mullvad VPN app on the laptop. It starts automatically at system startup, but most of the time I have no connection at first, i.e. I have to either select another server or re-enable the VPN connection in the network connections.

Also, under Network Connections under Wired Connection (I don’t connect to the Internet via WLAN) is the Wireguard VPN from Mullvad, there is sometimes a private key, but the field could just as well be empty.

What’s going on there? Why does this not run correctly under Parrot/Debian? The app is specifically for Ubuntu/Debian. I use the current version 2020.7, not the beta version, which runs just as bad.


Who is to say it is not running properly? I can say for one though that as it’s not a repository sourced package it’s really not up to, or probability in the ability of anyone here to, know all the workings of that software. Frankly if you want to know how their app works you should them, they made it.

That said understand that NetworkManager is controlling the system’s networking and it has an easy option number of ways to enable auto-connection.

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